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Cupid and Psyche

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Turbo Geek

Joined: 04 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:58 pm    Post subject: Cupid and Psyche Reply with quote

Act 1: The Privilege of Young Love

Canto I: The Dawn of Love

In a time passed so many years ago,
Lived a great king, who’s kingdom was well-known,
For he had three chaste daughters, one which was
Said to be blessed with such grace, that an aura
Rested above her head, as if somehow
The Sun itself had its splendor bestowed.

O’, that I were to speak of beauty, such
As is found when gazing upon the young
Maid Psyche, for no word seems proper fit,
Nor could give mention that can elicit
The enamor one felt when in her presence,
To many men, even Venus was second
In stature when it came to sheer beauty,
Seeing the Goddess’ temples were empty,
The admirers having gone in pursuit
Of this miraculously stunning youth.

Large crowds would gather, coming many miles
From the surrounding countries, all the while
Gathering wild flowers, laying them at her feet
As she walked by, their hopes of being seen.
In fact, her fame was such, that any real
Suitors, at least of noble name and royal
Birth, had gone on in pursuit of maidens
They deemed to be far more attainable,
For they all looked upon the fair maid Psyche
As a prize, which to hold was highly unlikely.

So, the young princess lay without a prince,
All the while jealous anger burned within
The heart of Venus, the Goddess of Love,
Who sat there seething, watching from above,
As men paid homage to a mere mortal.
Indignant, her anger tinged voice sprung forth,

“Who is this, who would dare take my place in
The hearts of men!? To this I must put end!
For my divine aspects are no longer praised,
And my own temples left to but decay!
This little wretch, will see need to repent
Once she receives a new fate as a gift!”

With this the Goddess sent for her son Cupid,
Angelic, winged and proud, mischievous youth,
Who was well known for his erotic arrows
That drove men mad with love yet unaware
That any spell had somehow befell them,
And this was just what sly Venus wanted.

Then, with her son now by her side, she said,
As she was pointing out the young lass,

“My son, you have always been by my side,
But that brazen twit‘s been a thorn in mine,
To the entire world, I’ve become nothing,
Now, I shall say, that girl ought to be humbled.
Do me a favor, help me be avenged,
Pray, make her burn with passion for a serpent!”

With that, young Cupid took wing, flying to
His mother’s gardens with haste, where stood two
Fountains. One flowed with but the sweetest water
Of saccharin, the other brought forth bitter
Water as if it were made of wormwood,
But each fountain’s substance brought about moods,
And Cupid thought that either would be fitting,
So he took two empty flasks and then filled them,
One of each source, but both with ill intentions,
Then off he flew, to Psyche’s habitations.

And with the early morning’s light, came Cupid
In through her window, where she lay in view.
As he crept slowly up beside her bed,
He gently placed his hand beside her head,
Upon first sight, young Cupid was yet moved,
Almost to tears, of what he was to do,
For such a face, he thought, must belong to
Someone with such a beautiful soul too.

But knowing, still, what must be done, he dipped
His finger in the bitter water, then,
So gently rubbed it on her waiting lips,
Just then, she gave a quiet sigh and whispered,
As if from some pleasant dream being spoken,
And Cupid thought maybe she had awoken.

Cupid quickly and silently brought forth
The arrow, holding it near, but before
He could prick her, she had opened her eyes,
Almost as if she had sensed something nigh,
Although invisible, young Cupid trembled,
And as he looked into her eyes, fumbled
The arrow, but unbeknownst to himself,
He somehow ended up pricking himself,
Yet had pulled back in time, before catching
Her skin, her heart never having been lit.

Then, suddenly, something leapt in his heart,
And he couldn’t do her such deed and then part,
Hoping it would get rid of the bitter,
Of which before he had rubbed on her lips,
He grabbed the bottle that held the sweet water,
Unstopped it, and poured it over her hair.

With that, young Cupid decided to leave,
But alighted in the window as he
Cast one last glance at the rousing Psyche,
Who had just slayed the heart of the mighty.

And Psyche, knowing not what had just happened,
Rose and headed towards the window in laughter.
Then off flew Cupid, a new love on his mind,
And he said to himself, 'Love is divine!'

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Turbo Geek

Joined: 04 Dec 2006
Posts: 334
Location: Bedlam

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Canto II: No One Under the Sun

(part one)

As the days slowly passed, love never came
To the young maid, who was forever waiting.

Her many sighs, that came both night and day,
Became her solace, as her hope was fading
With each and every breath that escaped her
Lips. Such a longing solitude drained her,
Emotions feeling near to forfeited,
As she was bound to go without love’s kiss.

And, as he watched her sisters get swept away,
The King was hopeful that Psyche, too, would
Soon find true love at the hand of a prince,
But, that living hope would fade to an end,
For, as the months droned on, without visit,
He feared his Psyche had in some way given
Insult to the gods, and thus, was yet placed
Under a curse to last the rest of her days.

Then, seeking the counsel of the divine,
The king went in due time, to find
The oracle of Apollo, who lived
Off in the nearby town of Miletus.

The oracle, then, given voice from Cupid,
Spoke the young-angelic’s guided message,

“Your princess, has been given quite the fate,
And though she has been unwed as of late,
She will soon be called upon, by misfortune,
For she’s to be taken by a monster!

You must lead her to the rocky altar;
She’s to be taken from atop the mountain!”

(part two)

Troubled of heart, the King, then, returned home.
Soon, it became known to all in his household
That young Psyche was doomed to be given
To some foul beast at the place of the summit.

The family found itself in the mire
Of mourning, as if their hearts were ripped wide
Open, the thought of Psyche fending off
The mighty claws of some ravaging monster
Was more than a soul could take, the young maid
Herself was caught in the heaves of heartbreak.

Still, knowing what she must face, Psyche lifted
Her head, and spoke with the calmest of voices,

“Why choose you, to weep for me now? Is this
Not what’s fitting for me, since my visage
Has taken praise in place of Venus, who
Those admirations are properly due?

I somberly admit, I’m just a girl,
Not fit to don all the praise in the world.
And though, I know you want what’s best for me,
I must take this fate that’s been handed me.
Who am I, to question the gods of High
And Mighty Olympus? It seems that I’ve
Fallen prey to my very name, of which,
From birth, has lead me to die on a mountain.

Through salty lips, I pray for it to pass,
But, I shall say, I submit to the last!
No more will the flood of tears stain my eyes,
Come, lead me to the place of my demise!”


The day came, amid weeping and wailing,
For the maiden to be given away,
And though it was the day of her wedding,
It was more of a funeral procession,
For everyone was dressed black in mourning,
As if poor Psyche was heading to death’s door.

Yet, she went silently to face her fears,
Her cheeks soaked with a collection of tears.
Of the many ways she had dreamed of love,
This was by no means what she had dreamed of,
And with each thought of her sure dismal future,
It seemed her dry eyes had more tears to loose.

And once they reached the place of the summit,
Her family left her, solely upon it.
And as she slumped, she continued to weep
Until she at last cried herself to sleep.
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Turbo Geek

Joined: 04 Dec 2006
Posts: 334
Location: Bedlam

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Canto III: Could You Be Loved?

As she sat there alone, atop the mountain,
Young Psyche felt a gentle breeze upon
The back of her neck, as if it was speaking
To her, calling her to rise to her feet.

Encouraged, she stood and walked to the edge
Of the near-by cliff, and soon found herself
Caught up in the mighty winds of the Zephyr.
Abruptly, it swept her from off her perch,
But instead of plummeting to her grave,
She was lifted up and carried away.

And, at last, after crossing a low vale,
It placed her within a beautiful dale,
Full of wild flowers and gently swaying
Grasses, where her tender ears were graced with
The sound of song-birds, singing melodies,
As they played high within the canopies.

Losing herself in the surrounding beauty,
She lay down, only to fall fast asleep,
Only this time, her sleep was soft and sweet,
As she lay in the grass, under an old tree.

When she came to, she heard the sound of water
Trickling somewhere quite near. Interested,
She rose quick and headed in its direction,
And was surprised to find a sparkling fountain,
Sitting amid a beautiful and luscious
Garden that was rich with sweet fragrances.

She danced and hummed and basked in the Sun,
When, she stumbled upon a gorgeous mansion,
That was tucked away among the tall trees.
Upon a closer look, it seemed to be,
Not the dwelling place of some king, but was
Surely the abode of one of the gods,
For young Psyche had never seen anything
On Earth that had been adorned in such glory.

Though a little timid on entering,
She gave in to her curiosity,
And soon walked through the palace’s front doors,
Stepping into, what must’ve been, so much more
Than anything she could’ve ever imagined,
For, as she looked around, she held her breath,
As if transfixed by the depth of such beauty
That she was witnessing about the rooms.

Overhead, she beheld great vaulted ceilings,
Adorned with the forms of angelic beings,
And on the walls were paintings of hunt scenes,
The frames accented with beautiful carvings.
It seemed that everywhere her eyes alighted,
There was always something there worth eyeing.

Caught up in the moment, she found herself
Walking about, through someone else’s house,
But just as she was about to turn back,
She heard a voice, speak up, from close at hand,

“Welcome, welcome! The lady has arrived!
I see you’ve taken it all in, with your eyes,
And everything you see is rightfully yours,
But this place can offer you so much more,
For, though unseen, you have many servants
That all count it joy to be at your service!”

With this, the young maid looked about the room,
But without much pause, the voice continued,

“Yes, yes, we are real, though you can’t see us,
And this place is all yours, I am telling you!
By the way, dinner time will soon arrive,
So, off to your room to rest for a time.
If you feel like bathing, I say to you,
‘There is a nice warm bath awaiting you!’
When you’re ready, and if it suits your fancy,
Make your way to the dining hall, Ma’ Lady.”

Psyche was taken aback, at first, but
Soon warmed to the fact, that she was the one,
To whom the heavenly mansion belonged.
Not giving it much more thought, she went on
To her personal quarters, where her servants
Bathed her, and helped her don her new garments,
All the while, singing her praises, thrilled that
They’d finally been blessed with a real princess.

She found her way to the banqueting hall,
And as she pulled herself up to the table,
It seemed as if the table set itself,
While the unseen servants, placed before her,
All kinds of lovely platters, and dishes,
Laden with all the finest delicacies.

While she dined, she was delighted to find,
That her new servants, had been of the mind,
To accompany the evening with lovely
Music. As one played away at the lute,
Another yet sang with his charming voice,
Then all joined in on a wonderful chorus
As the festivities came to an end,
Spurring Psyche to rise, clapping her hands.

Finally deciding to retire
For the night, Psyche headed to her quarters,
She put out the light in her room, wondering
Why through the night she hadn't eyed her groom.

(to be continued...)
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Turbo Geek

Joined: 04 Dec 2006
Posts: 334
Location: Bedlam

PostPosted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Canto IV: Strangers in the Night

(part one)

With the long hours of the night slowly
Passing, Psyche lay in her bed not knowing
What had become of her husband to be,
Wondering if she would ever find sleep,
She let out one sigh more, before rolling
Onto her side, facing her chamber doors.

Loosing hope so, believing Love would never
Come to her rescue, to herself whispered,

‘How can love be so near, and seem as if
Ever, forever, just beyond my reach?
O’ if only love would visit my chambers
This very night, and put to rest this game
That it plays with my heart, while here I lay,
Alone to the darkness while love evades!’

Just then, she felt a presence near-by,
When a soft, handsome voice came in reply,

‘I’ve felt the same, as one drained of all patience!
How I’ve waited the day long for night’s veil
In hopeful anticipation, and now,
To hear you beckon as so, love without,
Even the length of a breath is too much,
For, this moment prolonged, love cannot come
Soon enough for the both of us, it seems,
And now, we’ve each the other within reach!’

Startled, the young maid sat up in her bed,
Clutching her sheets in her hands, and exclaimed,

‘At last, the gods answer my prayers! Come closer,
Don’t delay me your presence long! If only
You’d lay your hand upon my weary chest,
And feel for yourself how my heart has sped!’

Feeling Cupid’s hand come to rest upon hers,
Psyche’s excited heart raced all the more.
Taking his hand in both of hers, placed it
Near her heart for him to feel it so pulse.

Cupid, feeling the fervor of which it beat,
Gently replied in a tone o’ so sweet,

‘How it beats in the early seconds of
Love’s awakening, as mine from the dawn,
When the fated morning had come, and led
Me to the bed of such beauty at rest.
When I looked into her eyes, ‘t was touching so,
As if I myself had by arrow been struck!’

A tear welled, and ran down the young maid’s cheek,
‘What is this day, and love, of which you speak?’

Cupid brushed away the tear from her face,
And whispered in her ear with loving grace,

‘The day became I aware that you were
To be mine, my love, unto forever!
And, yet, for you is all my heart has need.
Tell me, will heaven open up for me?’

A warm smile spread across the young maid’s face,
And squeezed young Cupid’s hand before saying,

‘’T is open for you, for your kind, for angels,
And, after all, it is where you belong!

With that, Psyche wrapped her arms around
His body, pulled him in closer, and moaned,
While the two youth entwined for the first time
Passionately burning well into the night.

(part two)

And love they made unto the late hours,
'Till each was drained of all sustaining power,
When night's oil had finally burned away,
And Cupid rose as to flee the coming day.

As his presence was subtle, non-the-less,
The young maid felt a stirring in her bed,
And reaching for his arm in the darkness,
She spoke with tender voice in honesty,

'Where doth my love need now to be? I pray,
Stay here, with me, 'til morning 'comes of day,
As I desire for us be together
When dawn's gentle light unveils my lover!

Cupid, in tone as to not give offense,
Kindly assured her of which was his wish,

'I must leave your side for the time being,
For now your lover must not be revealed.
As much as fancy's aroused your interest,
The truth of such must stay imagined!'

Confused, she shook her head in disbelief,
And spoke of which, making her final plea,

'Please, won't you stay until darkness has fled?
I long that love be known beyond the bed!
Come, let dawn's light reveal to me thy face,
And make known to me who's lips I have graced!'

The young-angellic, sought to give answer,
To appease, but knew he couldn't stay longer,

'What need have you to now behold thy lover,
Is not my love but proof enough I love you?
Are you not satisfied by my affection,
To now bring about such a prodding question?
I've reason well to deny you the pleasure,
For revealing, is need enough for caution.
In light of who I am, may bring love fear,
Or maybe such adoration, unequaled.
I would rather now you know my face not,
So as to not have you revere me as a god!'

And with that said, Cupid soon departed,
Leaving the chamber void of his presence.
Reclined then Psyche, accompanied by sigh,
As she lay, once more, alone with the night.

(end of Canto IV and Act I)
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