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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:52 am    Post subject: more than 2 Reply with quote

"One night about a year ago, one of the women and girls because of jealousy of another prisoner fights happen. Killed Lee after assisting the latter to the former, the bodies buried. Prior to this, in order to" set an example "
Cellar is divided into four parts, the first is a diameter of about 60 cm hole was.
State secrets on the nonsense of it, a criminal case, as it
After May 22, the Southern Metropolis Daily published the news caused a sensation,[url=http://www.kommreinchat.de/hollister-online-shop/]hollister online shop[/url], and have written the news reporter Ji Xu Guang was certified after Sina microblogging broke the news that officials face questioning at 11:20 on the 22nd, Ji Xu Guang wrote:. "Henan
, said earlier this month, 23-year-old woman Xiaoqing report said the local public security organs, just to escape from a cellar "Big Brother" as she built in.
Source: Sina broadcast Hakka secrets, '"which is a large number of micro-Bo reproduced, friends said:"! unscrupulous cadres keep sex slaves, this sort of state secrets "◎ event to restore man to dig the cellar, six prisoners singer when Interpol Zheng Shengli Luoyang sex slaves
Since the area is less than 20 square meters, for up to a year's time, Lee 4 meters underground dug cellar.
Said I violated 'state secrets'!
"Attach a piece of microblogging in some blurry photograph of two men sitting on the sofa waiting for someone like This micro-Bo came out,[url=http://www.csen-liguria.it/peuterey-roma/]peuterey roma[/url], so this news already turned to concern, and this time
Instead of mutual jealousy.
Subsequently, the police rescued a small United States, Dandan, cocoa and other women, and gradually dug up two bodies.
How to find you
Lee will be a "disobedient" woman killed after Fang Fang, also buried in the girls living "room" in the corner. According to the "Nanfang Dushi Bao" ◎ reporter for help microblogging said alleged "violation of state secrets" 9
Lee for committing the crime of the surface is a place to hide in residential building in the basement.
Police investigators learned that the suspect Lee in the six women lured, then imprisoned, forced sexual relations with these women, and usually on these girls 'well-tuned' girls only defenseless meaning,
I think this time is not a secret, is performance.
an event at a local very strict confidentiality.
22 afternoon, this reporter contacted on the matter Luoyang Municipal Publicity Department, a female staff member said that the incident reported by Xu Guang Ji has attracted wide attention, as he claimed, "was questioned by two men violated state secrets" regarding the work
I sent this one Weibo,[url=http://abercrombie-france.labocraft.fr/magasin-abercrombie-paris/]magasin abercrombie paris[/url], is to inform the public, but also a protection of my own.
"Lee for up to two years, from different clubs in Luoyang City, KTV lured the six women to Luoyang Xigong district near Kaixuan would these women kidnapped and taken to the cellar dug in advance
Lee, aged 34, a few years ago from the fire brigade demobilized allocate the law enforcement unit in Luoyang City Technical Supervision.
"◎ local reporters were asked to respond to the issue did not know as of September 22 evening 9:00, which is forwarded microblogging nearly 10,000, more than 2,000 netizens commented. At 16:00 on the 22nd, contact reporter calls to the Southern Reporter
Only 48 hours after the incident, Luoyang police successfully arrested Lee will attempt to flee.
After next to the hole,[url=http://www.paulgordeaux.fr/doudoune-moncler-prix/]doudoune moncler prix[/url], left one person that is barely enough to crawl through a tunnel, then climb over the tunnel, which is two small houses.
In the past a long period of time, after she and five sisters were lured kidnapped and become a "big brother" of sex slaves.
"" 22 am, two men claiming to be the Luoyang Municipal find me, which is annexed to the photo microblogging two men, they told me that this news violated state secrets.
How Guantao County Magistrate's resume is a state secret,[url=http://www.handpsy-cnsa.fr/category/air-jordan-spizike/]air jordan spizike[/url], an ordinary criminal case is also a state secret, and what have become confidential, both conceal it is going to do
According to legend, when the case is solved, the local uniform sealing, and that prohibit media coverage.
A typical criminal cases related to the public's right to know.
See posture,[url=http://air-jordan.labocraft.fr/category/air-jordan-femme/]air jordan femme[/url], later fear of being taken away.
Luoyang: stay at the hotel were asked 'Luoyang sex slaves' who told me the manuscript quoted material.
Please onlookers rescue.
"This micro-Bo also attracted the attention of many journalists, condemning" violating state secrets, "the statement, while others began to care about Ji Xu Guang:" We have not been updated in six hours,[url=http://www.ewanetwork.it/woolrich-outlet-roma/]woolrich outlet roma[/url], bloggers okay
"More users said:" This thing is a state secret, and that too many state secrets.
Let police surprise, the girl beside imprisoned also equipped with a computer,[url=http://www.discolimelight.fr/doudoune-canada-goose-neuf/]doudoune canada goose neuf[/url], but no Internet access, for them to play games, watch DVDs.
The police investigation, Lee is married, and his wife have one son.
I was in an interview with the Luoyang TV reporter Li Xiang was killed unintentionally when informed of this, and also received the support of local police.
"Ji Xu Guang said Xu Guang Ji believes Luoyang government should have an open mind, and should not be taken to cover the method." The starting point of this news is certainly the police in crime detection capability.
"Netizens" Drawing Wolf ", said:" Who is given a state secret
"In the meantime, 'Big Brother' has killed two people." Xiaoqing words Luoyang police soon attracted attention.
Focus is to write this news reporter friends who understand security issues, why such a piece of news will rise to become "state secrets" friends "years firewood" wrote: "The local government is so tight, so I do not kind
Operators sort 'state secrets'
"Ji Xu Guang said in an interview,[url=http://abercrombie-france.labocraft.fr/sac-abercrombie/]sac abercrombie[/url], Ji Xu Guang said that" state secrets "contradictory lull, and he is no threat. Ji Xu Guang said he is still in Luoyang," This is something I will continue to do so, do not give up. "
"Another netizen said:" Luoyang furious ghost who is being thorough investigation.
The public has a right to know,[url=http://www.qtfr.fr/christian-louboutin-pas-cher/]christian louboutin pas cher[/url], as a news reporter, I just want to objective news facts communicated to the public, after all, some events are not covered by the cover concealed.
, the long-term imprisonment, and sexual abuse. "local police source who asked not to be named, said.
. Ji Xu Guang He said that the phone call is HKEJ some excitement, "I felt a warm heart,[url=http://moncler-pas-cher.chocolyon.fr/doudoune-moncler-enfant/]doudoune moncler enfant[/url], I was Pingdu people" Ji Xu Guang said:. "This manuscript is the exclusive Southern Metropolis Daily published before this
" onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#ebeff9'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'">officials said did not know, nor would comment. reporter Ji Guoliang
As a reporter, I can not understand,[url=http://www.discolimelight.fr/canada-goose/]canada goose[/url], how would such a violation of state secrets news
"User" Roselle snow ", said:" The question is, how do they know you live there
suspects that voir dire.
Because the protagonist is a civil case, the local considered detrimental to the local image.
Technical supervision of law enforcement cadres Lee cellar within two years imprisonment, sexual assault Zuotai women and killed two people.
My job is to tell the public the fact that during the interview did not cause inconvenience to the work of local authorities, for their tone and attitude, I feel very sad.








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