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Where is Incubus from?
This Southern California quintet is originally from Calabasas, a Los Angeles suburb west of the San Fernando Valley. Chris Kilmore is from Pennsylvania. Ben Kenney is from New Jersey.

How many albums do Incubus Have?
Incubus has seven official releases on Immortal/Epic Records:

Enjoy Incubus (EP)
Make Yourself
Morning View
A Crow Left of the Murder
Light Grenades
If Not Now, When?
And one independent release: Fungus Amongus

How did Incubus get their name?
Hours before their first show, the band was forced to come up with a band name. After rejecting Dirks' "Chunk O' Funk" and Brandon’s' "Spiral Staircase", Mike turned to a nearby thesaurus. The first word he came to was Incubus, which means "nightmare" in Latin. At 17 years old each, the band all thought the name sounded cool, so it stuck.

Who is this DJ Lyfe guy I keep reading about?
Well, DJ Lyfe (A.K.A. Gavin Koppel) is Incubus' original DJ. He was a part of the band for two years, and then Incubus asked him to leave, due to certain issues, and replaced him with Chris Kilmore. DJ Lyfe now goes by "DJ 1987."

What kind of guitar does Mike use?
For the recording of Enjoy Incubus, he used an Ibanez RG570. Then he finally got some cash form the record company and bought a Paul Reed Smith guitar for the recording of S.C.I.E.N.C.E . For Make Yourself, he had custom colored PRS guitars made for him. He takes three with him on tour. One silver colored one, one black one he tunes down for the drop D songs, and a natural colored PRS with two F-holes in it for the acoustic style stuff. For the Time Lapse and new album material, he has switched to a Fender Jazzmaster. Take a Look at Mike's setup on his Bio page.

What are the Incubus albums "Beyond the Unknown" and "Serpent Temptation"?
Well, there is actually another Incubus out there. This is death metal, and in our opinion, not very good. There are many people out there trying to sell this as a rare 'Incubus' cd, so be careful. Just make sure you check the discography pages before you buy anything. We have also heard rumors that there may be even a third 'Incubus' out there. But, OUR 'Incubus' has the rights to the name, so no worries folks; there will not be a name change anytime soon.

Where did videos for "I Miss You" and "Summer Romance" come from?
Brett Spivey, visual artist and a friend of the band, made these videos. Summer Romance features artwork by Jose and Brandon; I Miss You contains Japanese subtitles.

I found this song and heard it was by incubus, but it doesn't sound like them?
Unless you see it in our Song Index, you've been had! Be sure to note our list frequently mis-identified songs.

Where can I find these rare incubus songs?
Love Sick
My Soul, The Underground
Sylvester Polyester
The Milkman Song
Mr. Wiggly

These songs are among the bands first works and there are no recordings of them as far as we know.

Have the members appeared on other bands' songs?
See the Song Index.

Who is the guy on the cover of Enjoy Incubus and SCIENCE?
Check the section called: Chuck...

Was the girl in the 'Stellar' video really Brandon's' girlfriend? How about the girl in 'Are You In?'
The girl in the 'Stellar' video is Joan English, Brandon's girlfriend at the time. His ex-girlfriend, Carolyn Murphy, also appears in the 'Are You In?' Video.

Are those whales at the beginning of "The Warmth"?
Yes. Chris used recordings of whales mating songs for the intro to the song.

In the secret song (We're Smokin') on When Incubus Attacks Vol. I, who is the guy Ted they refer to?
Ted is one of their Stage Managers/Tour Managers.

Whatever happened to Jose's glasses?
After the recording of Make Yourself, Jose got rid of his familiar black-rimmed glasses by having corrective laser surgery on his eyes.

Who does the Saxophone solo on Anti-Gravity Love Song?
Jeremy Wasser, he used to play saxophone in the band Hoobustank.

I heard that Mike tried out for some girls band years ago, any info on this?
When Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger was 17 in 1994 he tried out for Alanis Morissette's band. Needless to say he didn't get the part but he did comment about it, "I actually auditioned for Alanis' band when I was like 17, before she got really big. I was just like, Oh, this girl singing these songs . . . and then a few months later it was on the radio, and I was like, What? Damn, I should've tried harder!"

What's up with the secret track on the ENJOY EP?
The secret track on the Incubus EP, Enjoy Incubus, was recorded on Mike's brother Ben's birthday. During track, you hear a "slowed-down" sample of Mike wishing his brother a Happy Birthday.

What about that backwards message on 'Azwethinkweiz'?
Brandon is saying, "Thursday Night we smoked indica, and Azwethinkweizm was born"

I heard something about Mike's brother being on Make Yourself?
Ben also joined his brother Mike during the recording of the Incubus song, Nowhere Fast. During the intro, when the distortion begins, there are two guitars. One of them being the sounds of Ben's (Einziger) PRS.

I know who Vent (Audiovent) is, but I read that Mike recorded some of their songs, is this true?
Mike recorded the music for the VENT songs Back And Forth and Remedy at Ben's house on an 8-track recorder.

What is up with the secret track on SCIENCE?
The track is a mix of crazy stuff. Gavin (DJ Lyfe) almost erased one of the songs while filming. Some of the noises are beats, bass, guitar, etc etc. There is even a loop of an old arcade game being played. The title for this "secret track" is: "Jose loves Kate Moss. Part 1". This, along with 'Magic Medicine' mostly Mike messing around.

I heard something about Brandon getting in a car accident?
Brandon was involved in a major car crash during the recording of the band's album "Make Yourself". Ironically, the band had just finished mixing the song, "Drive."

What does SCIENCE stand for?
It doesn't really stand for anything in particular. They give a million different things, kinda like the "CHUCK" thing. They have different stories every time. Here are some thoughts...

'Sailing Catamarans Is Every Nautical Captain's Ecstasy'
'Social Chronology Includes Everyone: Neanderthals, Cannibals, Everyone'
'Southern California's Incubus Enters Nevada Carrying Enstruments'

Who did the artwork in the Drive video?
Brandon and Jose, they spent over 50 hours working on it!

I heard something about Brandon and Mike bring in the Strait Up Video?
Brandon and Mike both appear briefly in the Strait Up video for "Angels Son."

I may have heard someone on ESPN say Brandon's name, any idea on this one?
On "NHL 2 Night" on ESPN there was a reference on Wed. 1.18.01... Host John Buccigross said, "Rob Blake is to the (LA) Kings what Brandon Boyd is to Incubus." Brandon's name was used again on subsequent shows.

Was Incubus on some video Dare Devil show?
Incubus was featured on MTV's Senseless Acts of Video, where a guy really performs computer-enhanced stunts, only for real. On this episode, a man set himself on fire breaking the world record by 7 seconds, which means 2min 14 sec, to compare it to Brandon on fire in the Pardon Me video.

I've heard that Incubus has gone into therapy in the past?
Incubus became one of the first bands to employ mediated "band therapy" before the recording of Make Yourself and A Crow Left of the Murder. The sessions were designed to allow the bandmates to come closer and improve the dynamics of living together on the road.

What is that Oriental Instrument on 'Aqueous Transmission'?
The instrument is called the Pipa, an oriental stringed instrument that Mike borrowed from Steve Vai. Previously the band also referred to the instrument as the kyoto and the ko-kyu.

Is it true that there is a picture of Chuck on the Morning View Album cover?
It is rumored that he appears on the first 100,000 copies of the album, but this is totally untrue.

What's With the 10:24 in the 'Warning' vid? How about 2012 AD?
The number 421 has seemingly become the bands official number, and 10:24 is 42:01 backwards.
Ancient Mayan Prophecy predicts that the end of the world will occur at the time of the winter solstice on December 21, 2012 AD.

Somebody told me that Incubus has had to change the way they write their name?
There is a false rumor that the band has had to change the way they capitalize/write their name after a bandmember is removed/added. The band is under no such obligation.

Where are the songs,
Police Car
I Dream of Fiji
Little Cat, Big Litter Box?

According to Mike, during the recording of Morning View there were no tracks cut after being recorded. This means that these tracks were alternate names or songs that never progressed to the recording phase. The last, Little Cat, Big Litter Box, was a song created by Chris and Brandon. The lyrics appear in Brandon’s book.

Where Can I Get Brandon's Book, A Life Less Lived?
Somebody went and took Brandon a little too seriously here (see: Brandon's Bio). There actually is an author named Brandon Boyd with several books to his credit, but it is not the same person. Brandon has published only one book, White Fluffy Clouds, in 2003.

What happened to Alex "Dirk Lance" Katunich?
At the end of the 2002 Morning View tour, the group made the decision that Dirk leave the band. The reasons behind him leaving came down to creative and personal differences.

What is the Time Lapse Consortium?
The Time Lapse Consortium is a side project started by Mike and Suzie Katayama. Jose, Ben, Neal Evans, Brandon, and a small orchestra are involved in the group, which plays its own unique brand of Jazz-Funk.

Battlestar Scralatchtica and J-5
While recording Make Yourself, Incubus shared the building with the group Jurassic 5, who were recording their own album: Quality Control. The two groups spontaneously collaborated on the track Battlestar Scralatchtica during a studio improv session, which includes DJ's Nu mark and Cut Chemist from Jurassic 5. The three DJ's reproduced their efforts several times on the 2003 Lollapalooza tour. On J5's track Quality Intro, Brandon can be heard as the second to last person to say "Quality". The band can also be seen reproducing the end of J5's Monkey Bars on the Morning View Sessions DVD.


The first song Mike ever mastered was "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica.

Jose's favorite artist is Maxfield Parrish; Brandon's is Mark Ryden. One of their favorite authors is Tom Robbins.

The metaphor "Like a Waking Limb..." in "Nice to Know You" was inspired by a specific event: one of Brandon's fingers 'fell asleep' for two weeks while on tour.

Longtime tour mates Incubus and System of a Down used to formally proclaim their enjoyment of marijuana on the site "". The band admits to casual, recreational use of this drug, but claims not to use any others.

At the beginning to the song "Make Yourself" Brandon is singing through the pick-up of Mike's guitar.

Mike and his bandmates have shown a particular affinity for several artists throughout their career. During the recording of their earliest works through SCIENCE, the band was particularly fond of Mike Patton's bands "Mr. Bungle," Primus, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. During the recording of Make Yourself and Morning View, many of the guitar parts were inspired by Steve Vai. During the recording of Morning View, Mike was particularly enthralled by Bjork. Brandon stated in 2004 that Jeff Buckley is one of his vocal influences, and the entire band has used The Police as a muse over the years, which was finally crowned by a performance with Andy Summers and Steward Copeland in December 2004.

For the recording of Morning View, Incubus took a different approach by renting a mansion on the beaches of Malibu. The bandmembers drew names for rooms in the giant house, and spent a summer surfing, recording, and enjoying the scenery. Frogs inhabiting the area were recorded for use in the song "Aqueous Transmission", and the album takes its name from the street on which the house was located.

The sounds of Flea's (from RHCP) trumpet can be heard on the 3rd Movement of the Odyssey.

Mike, Brandon, and Ben are vegetarians. Specifically, Ben is a vegan.

Incubus are friends with Ozzy Osbourne and the Osbourne family, and have been since performing on their first Ozzfest. The band can be seen walking with their surfboards briefly on an episode of MTV's "The Osbournes", collaborated with Kelly Osbourne for the demo of her cover of "Papa Don't Preach", and are said to be one of Jack Osbournes favorite bands.

The Koi fish on the Morning View disc was drawn by Jose, and also appear on his right and Brandon's right forearm.

I heard _____ rumor about _____ band member, is it true?
This one should go without saying, but please, don’t believe any rumors about the band, bandmembers, or their personal lives unless you see it here on this site!

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