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If Not Now, When?

The album's title comes from Boyd's re-assesment of life; "I'm addicted to the news. There's so much at play right now, so many important, catastrophic, beautiful things. This idea 'If Not Now, When?' seems terribly poignant."

The title is a reference to a famous quote from the great rabbi of the Misnal Hillel, who said: "If I am not for myself, who will be? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?" (Avot 1:14) This third question, from which the album's title is derived, contains the admonition not to postpone any duties. It also echoes the admonition he gives with reference to study (Avot 2:4): "Say not, 'When I have free time I shall study'; for you may perhaps never have any free time."

Track listing:
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No. Title Length
1. "If Not Now, When?" 5:05
2. "Promises, Promises" 4:26
3. "Friends and Lovers" 4:07
4. "Thieves" 4:17
5. "Isadore" 4:35
6. "The Original" 5:05
7. "Defiance" 2:19
8. "In the Company of Wolves" 7:35
9. "Switchblade" 3:27
10. "Adolescents" 4:48
11. "Tomorrow's Food" 4:19
12. "Rebel Girls
Total length: