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Simply For The Love of Music - The History of Incubus


The band devoted their time and efforts to their charitable

Make Yourself Foundation. They have made several visits to affiliated charities such as the Painted Turtle, attending fundraisers for Heal the Bay and Life Rolls On (LRO), . In June 2006, Ben, Brandon and Mike participated in a special Surfrider Celebrity Surf Jam in Huntington Beach, CA. Check out our exclusive photos here.

January 14, 2006: The first Incubus Podcast was released. The first half-hour Podcast features answers from fan submitted questions by all of the band members, some insight to the recording of the new album, live covers from the band's recent tour stops, and a listen to a long buried mash-up between Incubus and Tupac Shakur.

April 29, 2006:
Make Some Noise Darfur! A Human Rights Concert "Incubus is proud to announce their involvement with Amnesty USA's 'Make Some Noise' Concert benefiting Darfur. Incubus will be performing a rare ACOUSTIC set on Sat. April 29 at Roseland in Portland, OR. Other bands performing that evening are Collective Soul, Suzanne Vega and others. The evening will be hosted by Mira Sorvino, the Ambassador for Amensty's Worldwide 'Stop Violence Against Women' campaign."

Here is the setlist:
A Crow Left Of The Murder
Wish You Were Here
Earth To Bella (premiere)
Love Hurts (premiere)
Talk Shows On Mute
Smile Lines
Suffragette City (Bowie cover)
When Doves Cry (Prince cover)
Pardon Me

May 11, 2006:
Sony E3 Concert

Setlist: Wish You Were Here | Nice To Know You | Pardon Me | Pistola | Smile Lines | Just A Phase | Earth To Bella | Make Yourself | Under My Umbrella | Drive | Warning | Stellar | The Warmth | Sick Sad Little World | ACLOTM || Encore | Priceless | Megalomaniac

The concert began at around 9:30 pm. The band was introduced by Kaz Hirai, head of Sony Computer Entertainment. During "Pistola", Brandon played guitar and djembe. The band played a new track, "Earth to Bella", which premiered at the Amnesty Darfur Concert on 4/29. The song seemed shorter and may have been an abbreviated version. "Drive" was not the remix version. Brandon sang "The Warmth" with a scarf covering his face. Brandon spoke to the crowd several times asking if everyone was having a good time. The overwhelming response was "Yes!!". Great concert with the band and audience having a wonderful time.

May 23, 2006:
2nd Incubus Podcast

Steve Rennie, aka Renman, Band Manager, is the host. They discussed the new album, album title ("The Silhouettes and Jose" - joking), MYF, setlists, venues, "Incubus Music Corner" (hosted by Jake, MYF) and alot more. They also play an Alice in Chains cover, ASCOG Acoustic and New Skin from 2001 Hammerstein Ballroom concert.

VH1 Decades Live w/The Pretenders:

Incubus performed at VH1 Decades Rock Live saluting The Pretenders. The show also featured Kings of Leon, Shirley Manson, and Iggy Pop reworking The Pretenders' most famous tunes. The concert took place at Atlantic City, New Jerseys Trump Taj Mahal on August 11, 2006. The show will be aired on VH1 this fall. Date TBA.

Setlist: Anna-Molly | A Kiss to Send us Off | Drive (Duet w/Chrissie Hynde) | Pretenders Song | Pretenders Song.

The finale, "Middle of the Road", was performed by The Pretenders, Brandon, Shirley Manson (Garbage), Kings of Leon and Iggy Pop.

Light Grenades:

Throughout 2005 and 2006, Incubus worked on their fifth studio album. Released on November 28, 2006, the tracklisting for Light Grenades is:

01. Quicksand
02. A Kiss To Send Us Off
03. Dig
04. Anna Molly
05. Love Hurts
06. Light Grenades
07. Earth to Bella Part 1
08. Oil and Water
09. Diamonds and Coal"
10. Rogues
11. Paper Shoes
12. Pendulous Threads
13. Earth to Bella Part 2

The first single released was Anna Molly. It will debut on U.S. radio outlets in October.

While Mike says the Brendan O'Brien-produced 'Light Grenades' will be "all over the place," it represents a new phase of lyrical composition for Brandon Boyd.

"Brandon is throwing himself out there a lot more," Einzinger said. "He's always written a lot about relationships, but this record is very, very personal for him."

On September 30, Incubus also headlined Edgefest 2006 in Tempe, Arizona.