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Mike Einziger Quotes

I’ve just always loved science. I think science explains a lot more about the world that we live in than anything else does. To me, science and music, it’s all the same. There’s no difference between the way life replicates and changes to how music unfolds and ultimately becomes something else.
On returning to college  

"Time-Lapse Consortium is an idea that had been swirling around in my brain for quite some time. For years I’ve been fascinated by the great bandleaders and arrangers of the 50’s and 60’s. People such as Quincy Jones, Esquivel, Sergio Mendes, etc… With all of those instruments, it’s like being able to paint a picture with many different colors. It’s a very different experience from writing music for a standard rock and roll setup. I teamed up with my longtime musical buddy Suzie Katayama, who wrote the beautiful string and wind arrangements on 'Aqueous Transmission', as well as other songs on the Morning View album". 

Actually that's gonna probably be the name of our next record, it's just called "Fucking Awesome".
1/13/06 Podcast discussing new album

I’m losing all my fucking quarters!
Nonchalantly, while playing slot machines in Las Vegas, MTV's Diary 

I’m sort of an exhibitionist, even though I’m not packing that much heat. You just gotta be comfortable with what you've got!
On being photographed for Guitar Magazine naked ( which was a prank )

What if everytime you went out with a girl, your penis was sticking out of your zipper in you pants and it was shooting a constant 'pee of stream' that led you to wherever you had to go and it could be a stream of pee and you could follow it to find where you came from in case you get lost in the forrest or something?
Morning View Sessions

If were to start a band right now, I certainly wouldn't call it Incubus.
Revolver magazine

Our next record is going to have so much dancing on it thats there's not even going to be music, just dancing. 
MTV Undercover

You see, during the daytime, we all look like a bunch of sissies. At night, we turn into big, angry, ugly monsters.
Ozzfest 98 interview

I think of Iron Maiden galloping through space on their space horses...
Mike, when asked about "nebula" Kerrang July 19, 1997

There's pressure to be a heavy band in this whole scene, and we just really turned our backs on it completely. I think the world of rap-metal is just pathetically ridiculous. In my opinion, it's a very horrible place to be. We don't want to be part of anyone's little bullshit scene.
on certain rock trends, Spin (October 2001)

I have a wealth of designer clothing. this is a custom pair of pants from Francisco Madfringinsin from bulgaria. you won't find this anywhere else, this is one of a kind.
MTV cribs

We used the name Incubus since the beginning and we've been trying to get rid of it ever since!

When you hit the strings you can feel the vibration in your fingers and your body; you don't get that playing some kind of synthesizer. That's why guitar will never go away. When you pick up a guitar and start playing, the sound flows through your whole body. It becomes part of you.

You know, when you've sold all the tickets to the show. All my friends call me at the last second asking me for tickets to our shows, and I just have to tell them, that literally, we've SOLD OUT. In the literal sense, I think the term sell-out is a fucking joke. People don't realize how hard it is to do this for a living.
On Selling Out

I listen to the music of other bands that I hear on the radio and, without mentioning names, I'm thankful that we have a singer who knows how to sing and has intelligent things to say.

Actually we did the entire record as exactly like Drive, it sounds like Drive 13 times in a row!
On Morning View

The funny thing is, more than any other song, people ask us to play it--even like some huge guy with tattoos all over his forehead will say play 'Anti-Gravity Love Song'

When we were in New York. I walked by MTV, and there were all these girls with Backstreet Boys signs. One girl was holding an Incubus poster, and I just walked right by her. She had no idea who I was, and she's holding a poster of my band..

I think rock music is at the lowest point I’ve ever experienced. Now, this rock-rap metal that’s all over the place just makes me want to throw up. I mean, how many times can you really tolerate listening to someone tune up their guitar so loudly that it’s just noise? I don’t like to insult others, so I won’t ention any names, but I just don’t find any intelligence in the music anymore. How angry can you really be living in the suburbs?

And in the end, all we do is play music and it's up to people to decide whether they like it. And we are lucky that people like it. So we are gonna keep playing it, and if you don't like it you can fuck right off.

We definitely don't fit in with anybody. We're either was not heavy enough for people, or we're way too heavy of a rock band for others.