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Mike Einziger Bio

Guitar/Backing Vocals

Mike's main instrument was a Fender Jazzmaster Reissue sporting a Custom Shop neck and Seymour Duncan JM-2 pickups. A normal Jazzmaster neck runs a 7 ¼” radius, very round and meant primarily for rhythm playing. Because Einziger was shifting between rhythm and lead, the neck was replaced with a 12” radius. This one is much flatter and is similar to a new Stratocaster in feel. One of the few original parts were the Kluson tuners. According to guitar tech Larry Melero, these bastardized amalgams have “No year to them.” Einziger does use a 1962 Jazzmaster (original) as well. Other guitars include a variety of Fenders (Stratocasters and Telecasters that were mainly brought into the studio by producer Brendan O’Brien) as well as an early 1970s Precision bass and vintage same era electric 12-string. There are Gibson Les Pauls (all circa 1970s), and a 335 (also O’Brien’s). Acoustically, Mike picks on Guild D40 Jubilees fitted with Duncan D-TAR pickups. Live, Einziger runs through a modified VOX AC30 Reissue top. Guitar tech Melero eliminated the tube rectifier and re-wired the tube socket to accommodate a solid-state rectifier. This bit of sonic surgery results in “The power tube section running a big hotter. The amp responds to Mike’s pick attack better.” Additionally, there is a Marshall 1959 SLP 100-watt Plexi Reissue that has also undergone the knife. The preamp stage was reconfigured to extract additional gain and a master volume knob was installed. The knob is situated where the second speaker jack normally goes into the rear of the amplifier. The head powers a Marshall 4x12 slant cabinet outfitted with Celestion vintage 30s on top and Celestion 75s on the bottom.

A Top Hat amplifier was also used for the Light Grenades sessions. Effects-wise, the live arsenal’s signal chain runs as follows: Electro Harmonix Memory Man; Danelectro DRE-1Reel Echo; Jim Dunlop 95 wah; Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere; a pair of Boss PH-2 Super Phases(the first one is set to Mode 1 and the second one set to Mode 2); DOD FX13 Gonkulator Modulator; Boss RV-3Digital Reverb/Delay; EVH MXR M101Phase 90; DOD VFX 25B Envelope Filter; Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer; Boss OC – 2 Octaver; Digitech Multi-Chorus; and a Boss Tu-2 tuner; The live rig utilizes a Whirlwind A/B switcher (clean/dirty)and two Voodoo Lab power supplies. Melero has custom-designed power supplies for the Rotosphere and Memory Man. An EBTech Hum Eliminator fits in-between the A/B switcher and the amps to get rid of ground loops. A Japanese-built Boss DS-1, Digitech Bad Monkey, or a Digitech Tone Driver is inserted before the Plexi for a “little extra kick. We pick one of them depending on the mood of that day,” explains the tech. And a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor is occasionally placed in front of the Marshall if they need to “quiet it down.” Surprisingly, the guitarist does not run a wireless. The system is completely cabled with Mogami 2425 instrument cables fitted with Switchcraft jacks (again, Melero handcrafts every piece). Picks and strings are Dunlop green jazz Tortex and Ernie Ball RPS .011 - .048 sets respectively. “I’ve been with Mike for seven years and he definitely knows what he wants,” says Larry Melero (Mike's Guitar Technician). “I try and give him a big, full, buttery rock and roll tone. It should sustain and be warm but not big and bassy. It shouldn’t be grating.” Courtesy of Ultimate Guitar

Personal Bio:

Written By Mike Einziger

My full name is Michael Aaron Einziger and I play guitar in a silly rock band called Incubus. I was born in Los Angeles, Ca. on June 21st, 1976. My favorite color is blue (at least right now it is). My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I like to spend my spare time working on music (I'm a mad work-aholic). I can run really fast when I want to. I love Indian food. I do not have a girlfriend. I really love to play golf because it gives me a chance to hang out with my dad. I have a fat white Labador Retriever named RUFUS. And a not-so-fat Lab named BILLY. I like to play Basketball. My favorite place to go while on tour is New York City (it's fun). I have an older sister named Rachel. My little brothers Ben and Paul have a band together with Brandon's little brother called Vent. I admit that I like that Christina Aguilera song. My mom rules, she's the coolest.

I play Paul Reed Smith guitars and Mesa Boogie Amplifiers because they're the best, even though they cost a lot of money. I used to ride horses a lot when I was younger. Brandon and I did a report for school together on Tahiti when we were 11 years old. The first song that I learned how to play on the guitar was the theme song to James Bond. My first concert was the Go-Go's when I was 6, followed shortly after by Michael Jackson when I was 7. The first album I ever owned was the Soundtrack to Star Wars. My first real guitar hero was Steve Vai. I love touring in Europe. I'm not allowed to snowboard anymore for fear of snapping off one of my fingers, but that's ok, because I'm still allowed to surf. I've been surfing for 11 years. It's fun. Someday I would love to score the music for a wierd major motion picture, like BeetleJuice. I love our new album, "Make Yourself". I'm good at soccer. It's hard for me to go shopping because I'm extremely indecisive. I love Bjork's music, I listen to it often. I'm not really allowed to skateboard anymore, but I do sometimes anyway. Everyone should own a Led Zeppelin album and a Police album. South Park is funny. I love anything that has to do with Space Exploration. I believe that aliens exist, but I've never seen one.

IO Notes

Mike switched to a customised 62 Jazzmaster after the first performance of the Time Lapse Consortium. Previously, he used an array of customised Paul Reed Smith guitars,including a custom artist package archtop, a goldtop archtop, and hollowbody for Drop D songs.

During the 2007 Spring European Tour, Mike returned to the U.S. for carpal tunnel surgery. The current tour was postponed until his recovery the following summer.

During his recovery, Mike work on his symphony, End.>Vacuum. A sixty-piece orchestra, conducted by Suzie Katayama, performed the composition. The musicians were a mix of professional philharmonic players and friends of Einziger that he called “The Graviton Modern Ensemble.” He describes it as a realization in nine movements and as an “insomnia-induced orchestral anxiety attack.”

The inspiration for End Vacuum came to Einziger largely in part from his love of science. It is only fitting then that the 45-minute composition opened with a phenomenal presentation by Dr. Brian Cox, a world-renowned British physicist and BBC correspondent. Cox discussed particle physics and experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The Large Hadron Collider is a huge scientific instrument that studies the smallest known particles in order to understand where the universe came from and where it is going. It is the largest, most powerful, expensive machine ever built by humans.

The show was at UCLA’s Royce Hall and also featured a 3D visualization component, created by Andrew Schwartz. Schwartz and his team used a process called chromadepth for the 3D visuals. They used 3D glasses with prisms inside the lenses, which separates color channels. All of this allows the brain to see red in front of green in front of blue, which then creates 3D content. They also used a process called 3D video mapping, which modeled the inside of the venue and created a 3D space to project into. The visual effects coordinated with movements of the music.

During the 2008-09, Mike is attended Harvard University studying music and other subjects.

In 2009, Einziger orchestrated and recorded the additional strings for the Thirty Seconds to Mars third album This Is War.

In 2012 Einziger began working with progressive house artist Avicii on the EDM producer's latest studio recording "Wake Me Up!" for the his debut studio album True. Einziger helped premiere the song live at Ultra 15 along with bandmates Jose PasillasBen Kenney and country music legend Mac Davis. As of July 2013, the song was ranked No. 1 on the charts in 39 countries.[9] Einziger will be working music for The Amazing Spider-Man 2with Hans ZimmerPharrell WilliamsJohnny Marr and David A. Stewart.