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Jose Pasillas Quotes

Upon hearing the news that he was voted "Number One Rock Drummer" on KROQ,
Pasillas sent us a note to forward to his fans.

"I am speechless! I know there are so many drummers that I have learned from that I don’t compare to but to be acknowledged in this way is such an honor.” The names that I’ve been listed with is unfathomable. Thank you to my fans and loved ones. I would not be here without you and I will play drums until the day I die!

Much love and peace! NUTS! Haha!


Very humbled,


"my fans are the best ever! thank you for voting for me on being a great drummer. it means the world to me that you guys cared enough to vote"

Mexico City!!! I’m almost ready for you!!!!

“I sat down and played 30 to 60 seconds of drums with glow in the dark drum sticks. From there I took those images and transferred them to a canvas and began altering the images by hand and painting over the top. It’s taking rhythm and providing a visual component to it. It is still music based, but it’s looking at it in a completely different medium.” Creating art and music

"From when I was a wee lad! I remember painting and drawing pretty much my whole life. My godmother used to give me a pad and pencil to occupy my time when I was five or six years old. I think it was that far back! But yeah, I’ve pretty much been drawing my whole life."

"There's a lot of images, Obviously people think, 'Oh, there's an anti-Bush video.' That wasn't our intent. The person who looks like Bush in there is merely a coincidence. It's basically just a politician. That was our intent." On Megalomaniac video controversy

Half of Mexico City is related to me in one way or another. 1/13/06 Podcast re: South America Tour We’ll throw a gummy bear across the room every now and then, but that’s pretty much the extent of it MTV’s Diary, on his band’s rock and roll “excess”

None of us are too high-maintenance, but if you have some serious issues and you've got to confide in someone, Dirk is really good. 
Spin (October 2001)

I have the mirrors here because I'm pretty vain. Ive been basically doing dance for about 20 years, ballet mostly.  A lot of graceful motions... Being very modest on MTV Cribs

If you have a smile on your face and you make a lot of noise, people really really think you know what you are doing. The Morning View Sessions