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Chris Kilmore Bio

Technics 1200 (2)
Rane TTMS4 Battle Mixer

Personal Bio:
After accidentally being ejected from the underworlds of Io (one of the moons of Jupiter), I traveled inter-dimensionally to this place presently named Earth. The date...1973. The place...Pittsburgh, PA. Immediately on the search for suitable hosts brought me to a small town called Dillsburg, PA, where I developed my inner senses at the age of 13. I discouraged the only means of communicating with my species...the turntable. So instantly I set out in the underworlds of various East coast cities to train. My abilities improved, however, communication was never established. Knowing it was time to expand my East coast web, I traveled to LA where I was sought out by fellow turntablists...the Jedi Knights. After becoming a Jedi master, I was sent on a mission...promote the turntable as a musical contacts...Incubus.

Currently in contact...still communicating

Fighting Tips:
Is energized by the force contained in each and every fan

IO biography:

Chris Kilmore was raised outside of Pittsburgh PA by an adoptive family. Spinning records had been intruduced to Chris the first time he saw "Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince" perform live, and he fell in love with it immediately.  He bought his first table after getting a job at a fast food joint, and his Dad bought him the matching counterpart. As an adult, Kilmore picked up and moved out west to LA in pursuit of his musical career. He nailed down a few gigs DJ'ing at a local LA clubs, and later joined a DJ battle crew, the Jedi Knights (Kilmore is a HUGE starwars fan). In 1998, Kilmore happened upon a golden opportunity when he got the chance to try out for a rock band who had recently parted ways with their original DJ.  Kilmore had one audition with the band incubus, and was immediately taken aboard.  The rest of the band was instantly impresssed with Kilmore, who quickly learned the parts for over a dozen songs in a matter of days.  There was little time to wait before getting his first taste of action, as the band was in the middle of a tour.  Kilmore performed brilliantly.

Chris had gone from spinning records in semi-anonymity to performing in front of thousands of people practically overnight. In fact, before joining the band, Chris had been forced to go without electricity in his apartment because he could not afford the bill.

After a stretch of constant touring, the band, now with Kilmore, took time off to write and record their second full length major label album, Make Yourself.  Chris's addition to the band gave them a deeper, more organic texture to the music than had been heard before.  The album would prove to be a wild success, culminating with the single "Drive".

With the bands 2001 followup "Morning View" and into today, Chris continues to provide an added creative force to the band.