Ultimate Incubus Source

Alex Katunich aka “Dirk Lance”

Founding member of the band until November 2, 2002


Warwick 5-String Streamer Stage II Basses Ying-Yang Inlays SWR Amplifiers SWR Golliath III 4x10" Speaker Cabinets Sovtec BOSS DF-2 Distortion Feedbacker Pedals BOSS BF-2 Flanger Eden NavigatorEden WT-1000 Power Amps Eden 410XLT SpeakerSansAmp PSA-1 Amp Simulator dbx 120 Subharmonic Synthesizer Demeter Compressor Korg DTR-1 Big Muff

Personal Bio:
Written By Dirk Lance

What's up boys and girls, if you're reading this, you've clicked on my page. If anyone is looking for some really insightful info about me, you may be out of luck. Instead, I think I'll start with just a little background info. For , I'm twenty-three years old and have been playing bass for the last ten years or so. I never had what you would call any formal training, rather I learned by simply playing and making mistakes! Playing with Incubus for the last nine years has probably been about the best schooling anyone could have. Quite a few people have asked me what type of bass and other related gear I play. I guess you could say that's my most frequently asked question. Well, as far as basses go, I play: 2 Warwick streamer Stage II five string fretted, and 1 Warwick streamer Stage II five string fretless. Gear wise, I use Eden heads and cabinets. Obviously, there is a lot more to it than this, so sometime in the future, I'll post a complete description of my rig down to the last detail. Hopefully, I'll also be able to answer questions from other bass players out there about what it is that I'm doing in some of the songs. Quite a few people have tried to transcribe our music, and while I applaud the effort, most of the time, the transcriptions are just plain wrong. I'm also looking forward to feed back from everybody in cyberland; what it is that you want to know, what you want to see. So feel free to write in with any and all questions. I'll be talking to you soon!

IO biography:

Alex Katunich had recently been kicked out of Jazz band for not being able to read music (he had been completely self taught) when he met Jose and Mike. The three decided to start jamming simply for the love of music. The trio played Metallica and Megadeth cover songs at a few parties before noticing Brandon's vocal abilities and asking him to join them. From the begining, Alex's Jazz influence could be heard in his bass playing, and became a strong force in the Incubus' developing sound. As a matter of fact, he once suggested that they call themselves "Chunk 'O Funk". As they moved up in the music world and the band gained deserved recognition, the strength of his bass playing was evident, giving the band a sound that was once described as "an impenatrable sonic wall," built on the foundation of the rythm section. Through the success of the band and their three albums on Epic/Immortal records, Alex (who had gone by the alias "Dirk Lance") became a fan favorite. He was, as one fan put it, "a friendly, cordial, patient, and funny guy back stage." Unfortunately, the rest of the band and he had developed issues, and he was asked to leave the band on October 31st 2002.

Alex started his own company, Stickman Entertainment.

"Alex Katunich {aka Dirk Lance} started Stickman Entertainment as an extension of his love of music. That love of music began 15 years ago when Alex was introduced to his first bass guitar. A few years later he and a few of his high school classmates decided to start a band. After struggling to come up with a name the 14 year olds settled on INCUBUS, and 11 years later the band has gone on to sell 8 million albums worldwide. In 2001 Incubus received the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARD for best modern rock track of the year with their hit “DRIVE”. This was followed in 2002 with the ASCAP award for song of the year. After leaving Incubus Alex decided to start Stickman to further pursue his passion for writing and producing music. In July of 2002 Alex composed and produced the scores for THQ’s: “RED FACTION”, “MOTO GP”, AND WWE WRESTLING”, all for the new NOKIA N-GAGE. He is personally involved with all aspects of Stickman’s business and has assembled an all star team of musicians and engineers who share his passion for unparallel music. This team is dedicated to redefining interactive video game and commercial music."